Why use Superrafts?

7 Reasons Why You Should Build Your Project on Superior Foundations from SUPER RAFTS!

1. Because of our passion for Foundations, we have been building Raft Foundations Since 2003. As a result we have a wealth of Experience and a Reputation for Excellence.

2. We use only reputable suppliers who have a warranty on their products and all materials used in construction are approved by the South African Bureau of Standards.

3. Our Construction Personnel are highly skilled through regular training and more than 10 years of foundation building experience.

4. The Engineers we employ to do your foundation design have over 18 years’ experience. All our foundation designs are based on a site specific geotechnical report.

5. Our quotations will always be competitive but never cheap. We seriously recommend that you do not cut corners on the only element of you building that cannot be fixed afterwards.

6. Since 2003 we have constructed more than 750 000 m2 of Raft Foundations!!

7. We have in excess of 1200 satisfied customers!!

Our Vision:
To be the preferred foundation contractor in Southern Africa.

Our Guarantee:
Foundations that last a lifetime.

Our Motto:
” FONDASIES waarop jy kan BOU

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